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Behind The Scenes At BuzzFeed
Behind The Scenes - 2018 Olympics Shaun White Interview
Behind The Scenes - Kristin Goes To Montreal With No Clothes
Still - If Women's Roles In Ads Were Played By Men
Behind The Scenes - Directing At BuzzFeed - Makeup Throughout History
Behind The Scenes - Directing At BuzzFeed
Behind The Scenes - I Walked A Runway - Ladylike
Behind The Scenes - 2016 Olympics Michael Phelps Video
Behind The Scenes - No Recipe Challenge
Behind The Scenes - NBC Rio Olympics Snapchat Discover Edition
Plastic Surgery Consultation Stills - Ladylike
Behind The Scenes At BuzzFeed With Bobby Berk

About Me


Content Strategy

Caitlin is a highly creative content producer and leader who specializes in digital platforms. She got in on the ground floor of BuzzFeed Video in 2013 and-- by creating top-hit video content and new formats-- helped grow it to what it is today. In 2019, she moved on to Disney and helped launch Disney+. There, she oversaw their digital lifestyle verticals as well as worked on Disney+ social and YouTube content. Her first priority is to make powerful content that tells stories that connect with people and sparks conversation.


An expert in digital and social media, Caitlin uses data and platform analytics on a daily basis to inform broad content strategy. The content her teams have developed bring in millions of views every week. Familiar with all aspects of video production and content marketing, she works within tight budgets and delivers on performance and revenue goals.


Having also personally produced -- including ideating, directing, and editing-- over 200 videos at BuzzFeed herself, she also develops new formats and series that are informed by audience insights and cultural conversation. For this reason, she was hand-picked for the small team that went to the 2016 Rio and 2018 PyeongChang Olympics on behalf of NBC, creating innovative content for their Snapchat Discover channel. There, they made first-of-its-kind content with top medal-winning Olympic athletes and brought in over 2 billion views.

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